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Triatomine Genomics and Biology III - 2012
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La Plata - Argentina - May 16-18

Invitation and Welcome

The “Rhodnius Genome Steering Committee invites the international community of  researchers interested in reduviid  biology and insect genomics to a special conference and workshop –“Triatomine Genomics and Biology III” to be held in La Plata, Argentina May  16 - 18, 2012.

This conference will mark a milestone in Triatomine genomics as the genome sequencing of Rhodnius prolixus, ESTs and cDNA libraries has been completed by the excellent team at the Wash University Genome Sequencing Center. This opens many possibilities for new research and exciting challenges for years to come. The genome is available and curated at Vectorbase, at the University of Notre Dame with annotation and refinement of the sequencing data in progress.

This third Triatomine genomic conference is kindly being hosted in Argentina by Rolando Rivera Pomar. This conference has been organized to provide a special opportunity to bring together reduviid researchers from the international community to discuss the current state of research and the opportunities made possible by the “Rhodnius prolixus Genome Project”.
The conference will highlight the many research advances that the availability of the Rhodnius genome has facilitated, new research initiatives and  focus attention on the important next phase -  “the annotation phase” essential to elucidate of the functional significance of the many genes and gene families unraveled by the sequencing effort. Undoubtedly the impact will have many ramifications in our understanding of Triatomine biology and the application of the genomics data in many Biological and Biomedical areas that impact society. The anticipation is, that this conference will generate new research opportunities and stimulate new collaborative projects. The genomic analysis, annotation effort and gene function studies will generate key tools and approaches to give us a better understanding of the biology and evolution of these important insect vectors.

We invite you to join us for an exciting conference and workshop providing a venue for interactions to nourish the many collegial interactions already existing and foster the establishment of new ones

Erwin Huebner,
On behalf of the Rhodnius Genome Steering Committee

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